Relief RN
Patty Shroyer | BSN, RN | 440.666.0070

Concierge Nursing


I graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. In the following ten years, I specialized in both orthopedics and emergency nursing at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C. After raising four children I resumed my career in a post anesthesia care unit here in Cleveland where I have lived for 25 years.

Eighteen months ago, I was asked to look in on a 93-year-old woman who had just returned home following hip surgery. Her children lived afar and wanted peace of mind. I would oversee her transition home and she would quickly resume her wholly independent lifestyle. Within one week it became clear that she needed more care than anticipated. The agency responsible for managing her rehab and making nursing visits fell short of meeting her needs. Scheduling became a problem and she was stressed by all of the commotion. I felt uneasy leaving her alone. She was somewhat independent, but clearly needed ongoing nursing oversight. In addition to her immediate needs, she had several chronic health problems that, if not managed properly, threatened to undermine a successful recovery. Together, with her and her family, we crafted a more comprehensive arrangement and developed a care plan designed to meet her needs: a plan that allowed her to remain at home as she wished.

I've grown very passionate about elder care. I recognize the tremendous need for better home nursing care options, and I understand the struggles my peers are faced with when their aging parents begin to fail. I want to be there for the strains and gains of it all.